Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No Signs of Construction Strike in Mpumalanga

The construction worker strike organized by the National Union of Mine Workers was nowhere to be seen at the Mbombela stadium in Mpumalanga, where workers continued construction work on the new stadium.

Those who came to the stadium thinking that there was going to be a big strike were disappointed. It turned out to be a normal working day, just like any other.

"We heard on the television that there would be strikes across all 2010 venues, but we will not go on strike," said Joseph Ntibande, a construction worker at the stadium. "We cannot afford to do that because this is our dream and we will be destroying it. We have embarked on a number of strikes here and as a result we fell behind schedule and are now working on borrowed time."

All quiet on the Mbombela front
Mail & Guardian
July 10, 2009