Saturday, November 14, 2009

Host Cities and Stadia Prepare Disaster Plans

Local officials in host cities and their stadia are preparing plans for any and all foreseeable disasters during the 2010 World Cup. Tests are planned for early 2010.

"Measures are being implemented to reduce disaster risk by all applicable line function departments and relevant agencies in the city," said Greg Pillay, head of the city's disaster risk management centre.

"Planning for stadium evacuation has been completed and this aspect will be tested when the stadium building is finished."

Tests would be carried out during the first quarter of next year. It was expected "test events" would be held at the new stadium.

Schalk Carstens, head of the province's 2010 disaster risk management team, said every possible risk was being assessed.

Range of 'disasters' put to test for 2010
Cape Argus
November 10, 2009