Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fears That Xenophobic Attacks Will Pick Back Up After Cup

Officials in Gauteng Province are concerned that life after the World Cup could bring back the xenophobic attacks on foreigners within South Africa that resulted in dozens of deaths and thousands of displacements in 2008.

GCRO [Gauteng City Region Observatory] senior researcher Annsilla Nyar told Sapa she believed the end of the World Cup would leave many people, who had high expectations of material benefits, disappointed.

"Life will pretty much return to normal... The World Cup will end and then we will have local government elections in a few months' time.

"It creates a heightening of tensions... and these kind of tensions can degenerate into xenophobia. It's a real recipe for disaster."

Migrants fear attacks after SWC
News 24
May 27, 2010