Monday, May 31, 2010

Begging a Major Issue for Host Cities

While much attention has been laid upon human trafficking and sex work, begging is said to be one of the major problems facing South Africa's World Cup host cities.

[C]ity officials, such as City of Johannesburg spokesman Virgil James, say they want "to convey an honest image of SA".

"Begging is not something we think tourists would enjoy, obviously not, but it is a difficult problem to solve and a difficult one to police at any time, not just during a large sports event," James says.

There are no bylaws against begging or loitering.

"It's too difficult for the city to develop some kind of regulation against something that isn't illegal, even if the act of begging can lead to criminal activities," James says.

South Africa: Tackling Begging During the World Cup
Business Day
May 31, 2010