Tuesday, May 5, 2009

$5 Billion to be Invested in Police Force for 2010

According to this piece, South Africa will be investing $5 billion in its police force for security during the 2010 World Cup. Officials want to make sure the event is safe for visitors, 350,000-400,000 of whom are expected to come from the United States.

South African police have trained at US sites, some with FBI support, to prepare for the World Cup. Nhlapo continued, “We do have some challenges. There are special police training for the challenges we know we’re going to face. We’re trying to cover all the areas and needs.”

South Africa will spend five billion dollars to help ensure 200,000 police officers on duty for the World Cup, helping safeguard teams as well as visitors. US interest in 2010 World Cup tickets ranks only behind the United Kingdom, South Africa tourism officials said, just as Americans moved past Germans to become the second-largest group among the nine million yearly tourists.

...Sthu Zungu, South Africa Tourism’s US regional president, said more than 10 million global visitors are expected next year with 350,000 to 400,000 of them coming during the World Cup and each spending on average about $1,000.

South Africa to welcome many Americans in 2010
The Real Footie Analyst
April 29, 2009