Thursday, May 14, 2009

Host Cities Adopt FIFA By-Laws During Event

World Cup host cities have agreed to adopt FIFA by-laws under which they must conduct themselves during the World Cup, which include strict rules governing the public areas in and around stadia. Drinking from glass bottles, spilling liquids are among the actions prohibited.

SOUTH Africans living in cities hosting the 2010 Soccer World Cup matches and training areas may not spill any liquid on the ground, consume liquids from glass or use abusive and objectionable language in public open spaces.

In the vicinity of the stadiums, residents may not spill or drop any substance that may cause danger or harm to Fifa officials or players; use abusive language; “lie, stand, congregate or walk in a manner” that causes obstruction to Fifa officials; or tout a driver of a car for the “purpose and pretext” of watching over the vehicle.

These prohibitions are contained in the 2010 Fifa World Cup by-laws passed by the host cities and towns recently published in terms of the Municipal Services Act.

Hardcore by-laws for World Cup host cities
The Weekender
May 9, 2009