Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cape Town's Green Point Stadium Developing into 'Great Beauty'

A reporter ventures inside Cape Town's Green Point stadium, one of the new stadia being built for the 2010 World Cup. Inside the as-yet-unfinished stadium, the reporte finds much to like.

A number of cranes are still stationed around the perimeter as the glass "roof" is still being installed.

Although 30 percent of the work is still to be completed, the stadium is a work of beauty.

I look up and walk in a small circle, marvelling at the architectural and engineering feat. From outside the stadium has sexy curvy lines reminding one of the Atlantic Ocean which it overlooks.

From a distance it looks to me like a large sailor's hat, which is rather apt for Cape Town being a port city.

Green Point stadium's a thing of great beauty
Cape Argus
June 13, 2009