Monday, August 24, 2009

FIFA Calls for Revision of 2010 Security Bill

A bill moving through the South African legislature seeking to codify how cities should prepare their security systems during the World Cup has prompted opposition from FIFA. The organization responded to an older version of the bill because of the stringent requirements of the bill.

The world soccer body was responding to an earlier version of the Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Bill which contains stringent provisions regarding safety at major sports events in the country.

This version of the bill makes provision for emergency helicopters to be stationed at big match events complete with a landing pad outside stadiums; a fully equipped ambulance for every 5 000 spectators; 50 police officers for every 1 000 spectators, an operations command made up of law enforcement authorities, event organisers, emergency services etc at every game; and for a full itinerary of big games to be provided to the police six months in advance.

SA to implement 2010 bill?
Daily News
August 19, 2009