Monday, August 24, 2009

We're Not 'Africa's Party City', Says Cape Town Business Leader

Cape Town has mistakenly been branded "Africa's party capital", according to Guy Lundy, the chief executive of Accelerate Cape Town, a private sector group made up of Cape Town business interests. He says the city needs to refocus its branding efforts to make the city more appealing to business interests and more viable in the long run.

Speaking at the bi-weekly 2010 lecture series last week, Lundy said the city needed more co-ordination and a consistent message to attract more business visitors in 2010.

He described the city's initial 2010 marketing strategy, which branded Cape Town as Africa's party capital, a disaster and said the city could learn a thing or two from the country's other host cities.

Cape Town not Ibiza - Lundy
Cape Argus
August 24, 2009