Monday, August 24, 2009

Ukraine's 2012 UEFA Cup Hosting in Question

Poland and Ukraine are supposed to host the 2012 UEFA European Cup in 2012, but it seems that preparations are behind schedule in Ukraine, with only 1 host city confirmed. Three other intended host cities have been given until the end of November to show that they can implement the necessary preparations to host the event.

[S]talled preparations for Euro 2012 are shedding an unpleasant light on all of the problems the game and the nation’s infrastructure has there. The necessary work on transportation links, accommodation and stadia is far behind schedule, even with three years to go.

UEFA this month confirmed five cities as hosts for games in 2012, but only one in Ukraine. The Dnipropetrovsk stadium, expensively built, has been dropped from UEFA’s list for 2012 as the 31,003 capacity is curiously just short of the required 33,000 minimum, with no commitment to a temporary capacity increase given.

Euro 2012 in Ukraine in Doubt
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August 14, 2009