Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Blackouts and Energy Loss a Concern During World Cup

Energy company Eskom is assuring South Africans that there will be no power outages due to increased demand during the World Cup. The economic recession and rising mineral prices have many concerned about outages and economic losses as energy demands rise sharply during the World Cup.

Officials at the parastatal energy giant Eskom say they are confident they will not have any blackouts during the matches, which kick off on June 11 and run for one month.

But South Africans have sharp memories of nationwide power failures in January 2008, which shut down the critical mining sector, hobbled factories and left cities plunged into darkness for days.

Strain on the electricity supply eased as the global recession sapped mining orders and cut demand for power from the energy-intensive industry.

Eskom answers 2010 power concerns
October 11, 2009