Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nation Perceives Transit Progress, Cape Town Remains Skeptical

Though many parts of the country seem comfortable with South Africa's progress on updating public transit services, Cape Town residents are much more skeptical about the development. Congestion is consistently mentioned in surveys as one of the city's most pressing problems.

Since 2005, the HSRC's South African Social Attitudes survey has asked respondents aged 16 and older about their perceptions around next year's World Cup.

Last year the national Department of Transport asked for the inclusion of specific questions on road congestion and public transport services.

Since 2005, respondents in Cape Town have consistently identified congestion as a key concern. The Review article says that 82 percent of Cape Town residents agreed that roads would be "severely congested during the World Cup".

Scepticism about 2010 transport
Cape Argus
October 7, 2009