Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Testing Cape Town's New Stadium

A soccer match, a rugby match and a mass prayer will serve as test events for Cape Town's new Green Point soccer stadium. The events will gradually build up the amount of attendees to see how well the stadium handles the crowds, and how its operators will react to game-day audiences.

The city and the Sail Group, part of the consortium which is to manage the stadium, are trying to hold a mass event which will fill the stadium but be gentle on the turf - so are considering a cultural or religious event.

It is hoped that the final full dress rehearsal will be a mass prayer gathering. It will aim to fill the stadium to capacity.

This will be the final chance to test access and egress routes for the 68 000-strong crowd - as well as everything else from the public address system and lights to turn-styles and barcode scanners.

World Cup: Stadium put to the test
Cape Argus
October 6, 2009