Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Air Safety Officials to Fight Terrorism, Unauthorized Ads

In order to protect against terrorist acts and the unauthorized flying of advertising messages over World Cup stadia, aviation officials are going to keep a tight watch over South African air traffic during the World Cup. To get ready, they are holding a test sessoin in April to make sure they can react and respond to any potentially unsafe situation in the airspace above the country.

Top priorities include preventing terrorist attacks and protecting Fifa from brands trying to advertise without the football association's blessing.

Fifa and South African authorities are strictly protecting the association from "ambush marketers" - brands trying to piggyback on the World Cup without officially sponsoring Fifa.

The exercise is to take place between April 23 and 26. Scheduled flights are exempt from flight restrictions during the exercise and the World Cup.

'Make-or-break exercise' for World Cup safety
Cape Times
February 16, 2010