Wednesday, February 17, 2010

'Tent City' Will Have Room for 1,500 Fans

The proposed "Tent City" hotel set to take shape in the Johannesburg suburb of Waverly Park will have room for 1,500 people, including space for 200 people to bring and pitch their own tents. The area is being set up by the City of Johannesburg to offer affordable housing during the World Cup.

The Tent City campsite, which will be erected in Waverley Park neighbourhood in the city's well-heeled northern suburbs, will have space for nearly 1,500 people.

Of these, 1,280 people will be able to rent space in 40 tents that will be subdivided into four- and six-bed all-male, all-female and mixed units, according to the City of Johannesburg website.

Come camp at the World Cup
Independent Online
February 15, 2010