Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cape Town Seeks Land Use Regulations for Walls, Adult Businesses

Cape Town is considering changes to its zoning and land use laws that will prohibit adult businesses from locating in residential or business zones, and another change that seeks to standardize the walls many residents are putting up around their homes for security. Crime is a major concern for residents in Cape Town and throughout South Africa.

Capetonians will finally have their say in the City of Cape Town's much-debated Integrated Zoning Scheme, which proposes to bar all adult-related businesses from residential and business areas.

...Meanwhile, the city's boundary walls and fences project is also one step closer to becoming drafted as a bylaw, as it is expected to be handed over to the mayoral committee soon for a first draft to be drawn up.

The policy restricts city residents from erecting solid boundary walls higher than 1.8m, or 2.1m for palisade fencing. With fixtures, a wall can be as high as 2.4m, but consent has to be granted by the neighbours. A maximum height of 450mm of electric fencing is allowed, but razor or barbed wire and glass shards are not permitted in residential areas.

People to have their say over adult business
Cape Argus
April 9, 2009