Monday, April 13, 2009

Cape Town Stadium Growing on Locals

Originally opposed by many in the city, Cape Town's new Green Point stadium is taking shape and generating less criticism.

It could be argued that Cape Town didn’t need a R4.5-million stadium for the 2010 World Cup. Now that it is a reality, though, it is an impressive and visually pleasing structure. The new Green Point Stadium could be one of the world’s great sporting venues if it can be sustainable after the football circus has come and gone.

It will even glow gently at night, thanks to an outer “skin” of glass fibre and Teflon, which will admit light during the day and emit a glow when the floodlights are on.

Many of the original objections of residents seem to have fallen away.

’Living in harmony with the Mountain’
The Times
April 11, 2001