Sunday, March 29, 2009

Escort Services to be Allowed in Mpumalanga

Escort services will be allowed in the northeastern province of Mpumalanga, according to a recent announcement from local government officials. Tourism related to the Confederations Cup and the World Cup is highly anticipated, and local governments are looking for ways to benefit economically.

According to an advert by the Mbombela local municipality, people intending to provide escort services during the tournament are welcome to apply for a business licence.

The advert addresses itself to any business that makes "the services of an escort, whether male or female, available to any other person".

Yesterday, the deputy director-general for 2010 in Mpumalanga, Desmond Golding, told delegates at an event to promote 2010 business opportunities that prostitution and human trafficking were lucrative businesses.

2010 escorts will be welcome
The Star
March 27, 2009