Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tickets on Sale for 2010 World Cup

Ticket sales for the 2010 World Cup opened to the public on Friday, February 20. The first batch of tickets publicly available number 740,000.

"* Just over 3 million tickets will be available for the 64 matches of the tournament, to be played in 10 different venues across South Africa

* Around 1.5 million tickets will be sold to the public. This is divided into 740,000 tickets on sale from Friday; 570,000 made available later in the year to supporters of qualified countries and 344,000 to those who buy tickets through an official tour operator

* World Cup sponsors are entitled to 550,000 tickets with a further 380,000 for hospitality rights holders. TV rights holders are entitled to 66,000 tickets

* FIFA will keep 200,000 tickets for member associations who do not qualify, give 89,600 to each participating country's football association and give the local organising committee 91,000 tickets to distribute"

FACTBOX - Tickets for the 2010 World Cup
February 18, 2009