Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Many SA Businesses Not Savvy About World Cup's Potential

Some business people in South Africa are concerned that local businesses aren't doing enough to capitalize on the extra attention brought to the country by the World Cup

There is concern that marketing efforts have not sufficiently taken off to excite South Africans about the event. There also appears to be confusion about who is responsible for marketing strategies and implementation.

Most tickets to the World Cup thus far have been sold to people overseas.


BBDO said projected benefits for South Africa include about 415000 new jobs and an additional R55.7-billion to gross domestic product next year. About R2-billion spent on new stadiums will benefit low-income households. Two million international tourists are expected between 2007 and 2015, R11.7-billion investment on transport infrastructure, R25-million in sports development and R212-million in school and community sport.

Companies blind to 2010 opportunities
The Times
March 16, 2009