Saturday, March 6, 2010

Durban Places on Top Travel Cities List

Officials in Durban are welcoming the city's recent inclusion in a list of top 10 global destination cities. The city is hoping to cash in on the newfound praise.

"There's no doubt that Durban has its problems, with crime rates that might scare off some tourists, but it also has so much to offer to the educated traveller... (With) the world's biggest international party - the World Cup - and you have a must-see destination for 2010," [writes travel industry publisher Bootsnall Travel Network].

Durban comes in at number nine, ahead of Fukuoka, Japan.

Other destinations on the top 10 list are: Iceland; Sighisoara, Romania; the Philippines; Split, Croatia; British Columbia, Canada; Scotland; and Pucon, Chile. New Zealand is at number one.

City makes world top 10 destinations for 2010
The Mercury
March 3, 2010