Monday, March 22, 2010

Former Taxi Drivers Home Set on Fire in BRT Retaliation

the home of a Rea Vaya bus rapid transit driver in Johannesburg was petrol-bombed recently in what is being called an attack from the taxi industry. Taxi drivers in town are upset about the new BRT system taking their passengers. The owner of the home is a former taxi driver who recently took a job as a bus driver.

Four policemen guarded the house, which was cordoned off.

"This is about BRT," Mazibuko said when a police officer investigating the attack asked if he had had an argument with anyone recently. "But where do you get in? What does this have to do with you?" the officer asked, to which Mazibuko replied: "I don't know. Maybe it's just jealousy."

The attack took place on the last day of a two-day taxi strike against the implementation of BRT on feeder routes.

Rea Vaya bus driver's house petrol-bombed
Independent Online
March 18, 2010