Monday, March 29, 2010

South Africa Safer Than Spain and Germany for British Tourists

South Africa is safer for British tourists than Spain or Germany, according to a report from the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office. British tourists are expected to be the largest group of foreign visitors to South Africa for the World Cup.

The report, which examined the behaviour of British tourists from April, 2008, to March, 2009, measured how much help Brits needed from their different consulates abroad.

And the results may surprise you. Of the 451 580 Britons who visited South Africa in the 12-month period - and a further 212 000 living in the country - there were 23 arrests, 23 hospital admissions and 48 deaths, due to either accidents, natural causes or murder. No rape or sexual assault cases were reported.

SA safer for tourists than Spain or Germany
The Star
March 25, 2010