Thursday, January 7, 2010

Challenges Remain As World Cup Nears

Despite high hopes for a good return on its investment, many challenges face South Africa as it enters the final months before hosting the 2010 World Cup.

The overall £800m in capital investment from public funds has been sold as a stimulus that will boost the economy by 55.7bn rand (£4.45bn), create 415,400 new jobs and leave a legacy in everything from transport infrastructure to the strength of the domestic league. More broadly, Fifa also claims it will leave a footballing legacy for the whole continent, promising new pitches for every country and 20 new "Football for Hope" centres to house social projects. Others may question whether the $9m (£5.36m) promised for the scheme amounts to much when placed alongside the projected $3.2bn in sponsorship, marketing, TV and hospitality revenues the 2010 World Cup will deliver.

South Africa 2010: the challenges still facing the World Cup hosts
November 18, 2009