Saturday, January 16, 2010

Community Soccer Fields Spreading into Underprivileged Areas

A nonprofit group in South Africa is moving ahead with its plans to build community soccer fields in underprivileged areas. Officials say 15 "dream fields" will be completed by the World Cup.

“We are just finishing our ninth and tenth [soccer] fields at the moment. Our total invest- ments in disadvantaged communities will be about R13,5-million at the end of 2009,” Dreamfields founder and CEO John Perlman, a well-known media personality, tells Engineering News exclusively.

He adds that, this year, the organisation will be building two more fields in the Bushbuck Ridge area and will be returning to its very first field in Tshisahulu, in Venda, to turf it.

“We hope to reach the target of 15 fields before the 2010 FIFA World Cup.”

Football charity aims to build 15 ‘dream fields’ before World Cup kick-off
Engineering News
January 15, 2010