Friday, January 15, 2010

Human Trafficking Takes Toll in South Africa

The lure of jobs related to the World Cup has brought many people to South Africa, and a lot of human trafficking. People are being smuggled into the country to work at lower wages, drying up jobs stocks for locals.

A source said business has been booming since 2004, adding every month they bring at least 50, 70 and sometimes 100 people, which makes it close to 1200 people each year, at a price ranging from US$2000 (about R15 000) to US$6000 (about R44 500), depending on the country of departure.

"Many women are now registering more than men because they believe they can offer their services to tourists and soccer fans during the World Cup."

But victims get the shock of their lives when they find out that they are there are no jobs, and left to fend for themselves, and sometimes being forced into sex slavery and prostitution, arranged marriages, 419 scams and drug pushing.

Africa: 2010 Fifa World Cup Boosts Continent's Human Trafficking
January 15, 2010