Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Crafty Baboons a New World Cup Concern

Roving bands of mischievous baboons are being cited as a new concern for city officials when tourists descend on South Africa for the World Cup.

Officials in Cape Town, the country's top tourist destination, are trying to control the increasingly aggressive animals. On Tuesday 29 baboons raided four cars outside Simon's Town, a coastal neighbourhood. A baboon dubbed Fred, the leader of the group, opened unlocked doors and jumped through a window to search for food. He ransacked a bag in one car as a couple panicked over their passports. Others climbed on to car roofs looking for ways inside. Many people who stopped to watch had their own cars broken into by baboons.

"We spend the whole day basically rescuing tourists," said Mark Duffels, a volunteer who monitors the animals.

South Africa's marauding baboons add to World Cup worries
November 25, 2009