Friday, May 14, 2010

Cape Town's Baboon Robbery Threat to Increase During Cup

Baboon-jacking is expected to increase in Cape Town during the World Cup, where visitors in unlocked cars are likely to become victims to Fred, the alpha male leader of a 26-member troop of protected baboons that routinely enters and robs cars.

"Every day, it happens," said Mark Duffell, leader of a team that tracks Fred's 26 member troop as they forage between Cape Point and the outskirts of the picturesque Simon's Town naval base and penguin colony.

"He'll hit four or five cars in like five minutes. Fred's
operation is to open car doors. He leaves normally with a handbag. Until he's satisfied he's got all the food, don't try get the bag back."

Cape Town on alert for baboon-jackers
Mail & Guardian
May 4, 2010