Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Japan Emphasizes 3D in its Bid to Host the 2022 World Cup

Citing its predominance in the world of high technology, Japan is bolstering its bid to host the 2022 World Cup through its ability to present matches in 3D. Officials are also touting the nation's recent co-hosting run in 2002, and its financial ability to build the stadia necessary to host the event.

[Japan's soccer chief Motoaki Inukai] insisted there would be no financial barriers to staging the World Cup in 2022 if Japan were named as hosts by FIFA in December.

"If Tokyo had won the (2016) Olympic bid it would have simplified things a lot," he said, referring to the construction of an 80,000 capacity stadium required under FIFA rules.

"Osaka raised their hand and have signed off on the stadium so it will be built. If Japan are chosen as World Cup hosts there will be no (financial) concerns at all."

Japan offers 'Avatar'-style 2022 World Cup
May 17, 2010