Friday, May 14, 2010

German World Cup Success Lessons for 2010 Host South Africa

Germany is still seeing an economic benefit from its World Cup hosting duties back in 2006, according to this article, which looks at the lessons 2006 host Germany has for 2010 host South Africa.

Horst R. Schmidt, now treasurer of the German Football Federation (DFB), was also on the organizing committee, and is now advising South Africa as it gears up to host the first World Cup final on African soil.

Schmidt said the benefits of hosting the event were tangible, with Germany's economy still benefiting from the tournament four years on.

"A lot of Italian tourists go to the stadium in Berlin and look where their team won the World Cup, or in cities like Cologne the number of visitors are seven to 10 percent higher than before," he said.

Germany's World Cup legacy: What can South Africa learn?
May 10, 2010