Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Township Residents Fuming Over Lack of Participation in Local Events

People in the Johannesburg township of Alexandra are vowing to disrupt any FIFA operations in their area. They're upset over what they say was a lack f coordination between the residents and the city, which they say pulled out of talks to have locals more involved in events.

"If you will not deal with us in good faith, we will also show you that it is our township and nothing will happen in this township, nothing will happen in Alexandra without our participation."

The statement followed a protest last week that resulted in talks with the City of Johannesburg. The businesspeople claimed the city backtracked on a promise made by local councillors to give them contracts for cleaning, catering, printing and providing linen, and called discussions a "smokescreen".

'Fifa have not bought Alexandra'
Independent Online
May 25, 2010