Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dispute Drags on Over eThekwini Beachfront Beautification Project

A land battle between a beachfront property owner and the eThekwini municipality is heating up. The city is arguing that the landowner has deliberately stalled the renovation of his beachfront amusement park, which was to be beautified ahead of the World Cup. The new set of delays could push back a legal decision -- and any work -- until mid-May.

But Steyn said in the latest round of papers filed with the Durban High Court that this was "disingenuous and unconvincing", and asked why the council could not find space elsewhere for the traders.

"It seems it is intent on advancing, for its own commercial gain, the rights of other commercial entities to the detriment of the applicant.

"Surely the location of street traders is irrelevant to the success and future opportunities of the World Cup," he said.

The council, in its previous papers, disclosed that Steyn had complained about loss of income and asked for compensation of R1.5-million, which had been refused. Steyn insisted that his business had suffered during the upgrade, with telephone lines, water and electricity frequently cut off. He said three of the four entrances to his park were also closed off.

Beachfront battle turns ugly
The Mercury
April 22, 2010