Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Qatar Plans Temporary Stadia for 2022 World Cup Bid

Hoping to catch the eye of FIFA and reduce the likelihood of post-event white elephants, World Cup organizers in the desert nation of Qatar have proposed a plan to build temporary stadia for the 2022 World Cup, should the country be chosen as host. The stadia would then be deconstructed after the tournament and rebuilt in other places or countries in need of sports infrastructure.

The idea is an expanded version of the original vision for London's 2012 Olympic Stadium in Stratford, which was to have been reduced from 80,000 to 28,000 seats after the Games but may now remain at a larger capacity. In-stadium cooling technology that is being developed to reduce temperatures for players and spectators that can average a sweltering 41 degrees in June – a huge handicap for any Middle Eastern bid – will also be shared with other countries that have to date found their climates incompatible with hosting major events.

Qatar build up 2022 World Cup bid with flat-pack stadiums
April 28, 2010