Sunday, April 18, 2010

Durban beach Upgrade Delay Threatens Reputation

A land dispute between he city of Durban and a local amusement park owner is dragging in the courts, which threatens to delay renovation of a beachfront part of the city -- a delay that some fear would harm the city's reputation during the World Cup.

[W]ith a June 11 Fifa deadline for all construction in the city to cease, it is looking increasingly likely that the "Dairy Beach node" upgrade will not be finished in time. This, officials say, will harm the city, its citizens and especially Steyn and his business.

"Strict adherence to the upgrade schedule is imperative for the city," chief legal adviser Alisande Bradshaw said in an affidavit before the court.

"Should any phase be delayed, it will obstruct the completion of the project and expose the city to adverse scrutiny and criticism both nationally and abroad.

Beach upgrade in jeopardy
The Mercury
April 8, 2010