Monday, April 5, 2010

Durban Hopes Stadium Arch Will Pay Long-Term Dividends

Officials in Durban are hoping the arch over the new Moses Mabhida Stadium will be a long-standing tourist attraction -- one that will help pay off the $450 million stadium.

If they take the car ride rather than the 520 steps, fans can stand on a walkway high above the stadium and, although they can see little of the field, the view is breathtaking, if not a little scary.

Months before the World Cup arrives in Durban on June 13, the arch is being put to use as a tourist attraction and is likely to be a money maker long after the tournament finishes on July 11 as organisers aim to make up the $450 million cost of building the stadium.

Giants arch is Durban's tourist attraction
Independent Online
April 1, 2010