Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Prospective World Cup Host City Atlanta Sees Economic Opportunity

This article from Global Atlanta looks at the economic boom underway in South Africa's World Cup host cities, and sees a similar opportunity for Atlanta, which is among the list of host cities for the United States' 2018/2022 World Cup bid.

Atlanta is one of 18 cities included in the U.S. World Cup bids for 2018 and 2022. Since hosting the Summer Olympics in 1996, the city has solidified its credentials for hosting big sporting events.

But it wasn't always so. Before the Games, many didn't think Atlanta could pull off the event. The city had to improve infrastructure and public safety. Every effort was made to help visitors see the city as a destination for global business.

Similarly, South Africa hopes to use the World Cup to showcase its business opportunities and overcome stereotypes, said Donald Gips, U.S. ambassador to South Africa. Crime and corruption are often cited as hurdles for doing business in the country.

South Africa's Soccer Stimulus: World Cup Boom Keeps Recession at Bay
Global Atlanta
April 2, 2010