Tuesday, April 13, 2010

KwaZulu-Natal to Provide 15,000 'Tourist Buddies'

The provincial government in KwaZulu-Natal is hoping to improve its tourism industry ahead of the World Cup by training thousands of locals and hospitality industry workers to be "tourist buddies" to visitors. These "buddies" are intended to help tourists as they travel in and around the province.

MEC for economic development and tourism Mike Mabuyakhulu said they were targeting 15000 people to be trained.

“For starters, we will train 1500 people. We will be taking people already in the employ of the hospitality industry but we will also train volunteers from the rural areas,” he said.

“Those receiving training are staff in hotels, food outlets, restaurants, garages, car guards and any industry dealing with people,” Mabuyakhulu said.

Plan to train 15000 tourist buddies for Fifa World Cup
April 13, 2010