Sunday, April 18, 2010

Threats and Violence the Unfortunate Theme at World Cup

Threats of terrorism and the recent ambush of the Togo National team at the African Cup of Nations are testing the will of some nations and players who are expected to play in this year's World Cup. Though FIFA officials and South African locals are trying to dispel rumors of violence and danger, the prevailing feeling is that security is not a guarantee.

Since terror is represented by words as well as bombs or bullets, we can expect more of this crossfire of rhetoric as the global focus on South Africa intensifies.

Adebayor’s withdrawal is no doubt chastened by his stated anger that not only did the security forces fail to protect his team in an area where separatists were known to pose a threat, but the African soccer confederation subsequently barred Togo from the next two African Cup of Nations.

Undercurrents of Violence at the World Cup
The New York Times
April 14, 2010